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Weather Forecast in Windows Phone 7

I wrote a new article to Nokia Developer Wiki. In this article, I will show how to create Windows Phone application which loads Weather Forecast from World Weather Online 's XML service. You can add your own favourite cities to application and it will display weather forecasts in Panorama Views in Windows Phone application.

Weather Forecast Panorama Weather Forecast Panorama Weather Forecast Panorama Weather Forecast Panorama Weather Forecast Settings Page

You can read the whole article here: Weather Forecast in Windows Phone 7


I made a Flash Lite 2.0 version about weather forecast application. Now everthing is XML based and user can edit weather.xml file to put own map and cities to application.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<city id="FIXX0032" nimi="Sodankylä" x="77" y="58" tabIndex="1" />
<city id="FIXX0013" nimi="Oulu" x="75" y="105" tabIndex="2" />
<city id="FIXX0019" nimi="Vaasa" x="47" y="140" tabIndex="3" />
<city id="FIXX0023" nimi="Kuopio" x="102" y="142" tabIndex="4" />
<city id="FIXX0025" nimi="Jyväskylä" x="85" y="160" tabIndex="5"/>
<city id="FIXX0031" nimi="Tampere" x="65" y="175" tabIndex="6" />
<city id="FIXX0018" nimi="Turku" x="52" y="192" tabIndex="7" />
<city id="FIXX0002" nimi="Helsinki" x="90" y="188" tabIndex="8" />



I made a small application that uses XML Data Feed from weather.com and displays weather forecast in mobile device. XML Data Feed is parsed in server with PHP and server sends variables back to Flash Lite 1.1 application.

Application uses txt-file where cities are listed, so you can edit it and put there your favourite cities!

Txt-file format:

You have to determine your favourite cities Location ID's (for example Helsinki):


It will return Location ID with XML:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
<search ver="2.0">
<loc id="FIXX0002" type="1">Helsinki, Finland</loc>

Download: swf fla all