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Working with Live Tiles in Windows Phone 7

I wrote a small code example to Nokia Developer Wiki, which shows how to work with Live Tiles in Windows Phone 7. It shows how to create application primary and secondary tiles and how to update tiles data from Scheduled Task Agent and with Push Notification from server side with PHP.

Application Tile - Front Application Tile - Back

Read the whole story, see video demo about how the application works and get the source codes here.

How to create a Namedays application for Windows Phone 7

This Nokia Developer Wiki article explains how the Namedays application is made for the Windows Phone 7. It shows how to load XML data from the server side and bind data to UI. It also illustrates how to localize the application for different languages and how to use Scheduled Task Agent to update application.

Namedays Application Main Page Image Namedays Application Live Tile Front Namedays Application Live Tile Back

You can read the whole story and load the source codes here.