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Namedays application available in Windows Phone Marketplace

I published Namedays application to Windows Phone Marketplace. This application show selected country's name days. Name days thought the year are visible in application and today's names are displayed in Live Tile. So it is really easy to see and remember if your friends has a name day.

There are 15 countries included: Austria, Czech, Finland, Finland Swedish, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovak, Spain, Sweden, Uk and Usa.

Email me to get your country supported.

Here is a few screenshots:

Here is a few line in finnish: Lataa nimipäivät windows phone 7:lle tästä.

Update: Namedays widget for Android

It was time to update my Namedays widget for Android.  Now you can configure background and text colors in configure view. In configure view you can see how your widget will looks like and just save your settings when you are ready. Namedays supports now 14 countries. Please email me to get your country included.

Just tap namedays widget:
- header text to refresh data,
- name day text to show next name and
- footer to configure again.

You can find Namedays widget in Android Market's Social Category or just search "Namedays". Note: You have to remove earlier version to get new configuration view working!

Hope you like it now.