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Map with Directions @ Android

Simulate route before travelling.

map with directions screen 1 map with directions screen 2 map with directions screen 3

Give both addresses and click route button. Application finds route between addresses and it will be displayed in the map. Click next and prev buttons to simulate turning points. You can use your device GPS location as a start address, but remember GPS is not working very well inside (it will take a time to find your location).

Install now from Google Play – PTM: Map with Directions

Otto Cash Machines @ Android

Use this application to find route to the nearest Otto Cash Machine in Finland.

otto cash machines android  screen 1 otto cash machines android  screen 2

Application loads all the Otto Cash Machine locations and uses user device location to show all Ottos within 30 km. User can find route to the nearest Otto Cash Machine or any Ottos with tapping Otto icon in a Map.

Install now from Google Play – PTM: Otto Cash Machines

I am Here @ Android

Where you are? I am over here – where are you??

You maybe have had this conversation with your friends. This application helps you send your location information to your friends with SMS, Email or WhatsApp. Or maybe you want to meet your friends in some specific place. Use this app in manual mode, drag pin in the map to the place where you want to meet and share it to your friends.

i am here screen 1 i am here screen 2 i am here screen 3

Your location will be determined when you start app. Detected location are shown with the pin at the center of the map. You can share it by pressing Email, SMS or WhatsApp buttons. Application will launch the selected app (SMS, Email or WhatsApp), you can select contact and share your location. You can edit message details before sending. Location is send with address to google maps as latitude and longitude values. Your contact can use his/her phone to open google map (for example) in favourite web browser and find route to you.

App can be switched to the manual mode. You can then drag the marker to any position you want. This feature is very useful if you are inside the building (for example) and app can not find your location or you just want to send some meeting place to your friends.

Install now from Google Play – PTM: I am Here

Otto Cash Machines for Windows Phone 8.1

This application shows locations of all the Otto cash machines in Finland. User can very easily see the nearest Otto in a map and find route to it.

Application first loads locations of all the Otto cash machines and ask permission to use phone location. User can select to see locations in a map or route to the nearest Otto. Application will inform when the user is within 50 meters to the cash machine.

otto screen 1 otto screen 2 otto screen 3

Application is now available in Windows Phone Marketplace – PTM.

Map with directions in Windows Phone 8

Map with Directions code example demonstrates how to show route with Map Control and get direction informations with text and text to speech in Windows Phone 8. Start and destination addresses can be added with TextBlocks. Both addresses are calculated to geo coordinates and locations are showed in the Map with map layers (blue and red dots). RouteQuery class is used with these two geo locations and route path is displayed with new map layer. User can simulate route by pressing Prev or Next Point Buttons in the screen. Text instructions are showed in TextBlock and Text-to-speech is used when a new turning point is reached.

ss01 ss02 ss03

This application is useful when you want to simulate your route beforehand.

Read the whole story, see video demo about how the application works and get the source codes Nokia Developer Wiki.

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