Creating a streaming MP3 player in Windows Phone 7

I wrote a new article to Nokia Developer Wiki. In this article, I will show how you can create a streaming MP3 music player in Windows Phone 7. All the music files are stored in the server and are streamed to Windows Phone. Application first loads all the albums data from the server with JSON data. In server side, there are PHP script which loads ID3 tags from all the MP3 files and generates JSON string, which is returned to Windows Phone.

Latest, Favorite and Album songs are displayed in Panorama Page. User can play music in Player Page. This application uses Windows Phone Background Audio Agent to play MP3 music, so the music can be play in background like the original music player does in Windows Phone.

Net MP3 Player - latest song Net MP3 Player - Favorite songs Net MP3 Player - Albums
Net MP3 Player - Album songs Net MP3 Player

You can read whole article and download source code here: Streaming MP3 Player in WP7.

Nokia Developer Wiki administrator added this article to Nokia Developer Wiki “Featured” articles at 20.5.2012.

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