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Card Trader – Windows Phone

Capture, organize and trade your cards with your friend's. Select a card, go to the trade and tap your phone near to your friend's phone. See what your friend are offering and accept a trade or not.

Application supports card capturing, sorting and organizing (you need to buy a full version to get organize feature working). Yep - you can use this application to store your favourite cards, if you don't want to trade them.

You can test and buy the application from the Windows Phone Marketplace - Card Trader

* NFC is required
* Traded card will be deleted from you phone

Edit (Nov 18th):
* I will send this application to Nokia Create Contests and App Awards 2014
* This app will include following localisation: FI, EN, SPA, GER, IT and hopefully (SK, CZ and POL)

QTile 2 is now available in Nokia OVI Store

QTile 2 is addictive unique puzzle (Flash Lite based) game where you first have white base tiles which you can move around (using mobile phones arrow keys) and rotate (using mobile phones select key). There will be smaller colored tiles moving to game area and you have to catch and join them to base tiles. Collect four tiles with same color together like base tile to get points and this collected qTile will be removed. You can submit your best scores to global highscore list!

This is a new version of QTile game which I published to Playyoo Game contest at Jan, 2008. This new version supports Nokia Series 60 phones which has 320x240 or 240x320 screens and Flash Lite 2.0 or newer Player. There are also new features in game like: speed mode, reverse keyboard, randomized block colors, "jackpot"-tile, which can remove all your collected tiles and so on... and now there are excellent graphics made by Vivek! (Thanks!)

Can you beat my highscore?

Download: Ovi Store - QTile 2.
(If you see “item unavailable” after following this link, go to the Ovi Store homepage, change the default device to “Any Mobile Device” in the main section of the homepage, and click your browser’s BACK button - this is something the Ovi Store web team are working to fix.)