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My first Flash CS5 based iPhone game: SpeedTaps now on appstore!

SpeedTaps was approved to the Appstore. I made it with Flash CS5 beta and published it to iPhone. I will write more information how to create iPhone applications with Flash CS5 later when NDA is over.

SpeedTaps displays random colors faster and faster. Player must press right colors in right order, if player selects a wrong  color the game ends. In SpeedTaps player can practice in following modes: beginner, medium, hard and expert but only in the game mode score is accepted to global highscore list.

I know the game is quite a small, but I wanted to see this whole mess with certifications and so on.. but now it is time to start make a real projects with Flash CS5 to iPhones :-)

Can you beat my highscore?

Download SpeedTaps.