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Course and study materials available from Slideshare

I published a few of my course materials to some time ago. Those materials contains Web Application programming with AngularJS, Windows Phone Programming, Mobile Programming with Android and Adobe AIR Programming courses. Those slides has got almost 10K total views so far!

AngularJS material is the smallest and it contains only about 20 slides. Material is suitable to people who wants to start learning to create single page application to the web.

Adobe AIR programming contains very deep information about making an Adobe AIR based applications to the Web and Android devices. It has almost 200 pages.

Mobile Phone programming with Android set is one of the biggest course material what I have ever done. It contains almost 300 pages. Material starts contains introduction Intents, Activities and other basic concepts but includes a lot of deep information too, like how to use fragments in your applications.

Windows Phone programming course material contains about 200 slides and works same way as Android does. This Windows Phone material includes both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. New version of this Windows Phone material is planned to publish at the end of this year.

All of those course materials are free to use from

AngularJS AIR.Programming.png Android.Programming.png Windows Phone Programming

I have also created a lot of example projects and exercises to those courses (50-100 projects in each course), so something like 280 projects all together. If you are interested to get those example projects, just contact me and we can start discuss about the price.

Working with Live Tiles in Windows Phone 7

I wrote a small code example to Nokia Developer Wiki, which shows how to work with Live Tiles in Windows Phone 7. It shows how to create application primary and secondary tiles and how to update tiles data from Scheduled Task Agent and with Push Notification from server side with PHP.

Application Tile - Front Application Tile - Back

Read the whole story, see video demo about how the application works and get the source codes Nokia Developer Wiki.

How to create a Namedays application for Windows Phone 7

This Nokia Developer Wiki article explains how the Namedays application is made for the Windows Phone 7. It shows how to load XML data from the server side and bind data to UI. It also illustrates how to localize the application for different languages and how to use Scheduled Task Agent to update application.

Namedays Application Main Page Image Namedays Application Live Tile Front Namedays Application Live Tile Back

You can read the whole story and load the source codes Nokia Developer Wiki.

Creating an Interesting Places application – take and share media in Windows Phone 7

I wrote a new article to Nokia Developer Wiki. This code example demonstrate how to take an image, record audio or video and save these captured media files to the Isolated Storage with the location information. These Interesting Places with media files can be later viewed and shared to the server side. This code example uses PHP server as a back end of this application. All captured media files are send 500 kB chucks with RestSharp and parsed together in the server side with PHP. This application is tested with 5 min recorded video (for example), then video file size was 55 MB and sent chucks count was more than 110. Sent was tested over normal cellular network and sending takes about 8 minutes. It worked really nice in Windows Phone 7 without Background Agents.

ss01 ss03 ss04

You can read the whole article and download source codes from: Creating an Interesting Places application – take and share media in WP7.

Creating a streaming MP3 player in Windows Phone 7

I wrote a new article to Nokia Developer Wiki. In this article, I will show how you can create a streaming MP3 music player in Windows Phone 7. All the music files are stored in the server and are streamed to Windows Phone. Application first loads all the albums data from the server with JSON data. In server side, there are PHP script which loads ID3 tags from all the MP3 files and generates JSON string, which is returned to Windows Phone.

Latest, Favorite and Album songs are displayed in Panorama Page. User can play music in Player Page. This application uses Windows Phone Background Audio Agent to play MP3 music, so the music can be play in background like the original music player does in Windows Phone.

Net MP3 Player - latest song Net MP3 Player - Favorite songs Net MP3 Player - Albums
Net MP3 Player - Album songs Net MP3 Player

You can read whole article and download source code here: Streaming MP3 Player in WP7.

Nokia Developer Wiki administrator added this article to Nokia Developer Wiki “Featured” articles at 20.5.2012.