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FiNNKiNO Movies @ Android

Finnkino movie schedules now available in Android. This application shows a movie schedules which are running in different theatres in a Finland. Theatre can be easily selected by using Android new drawer by swiping screen from left edge to the right. Shows for the selected days are visible in a list view which contains shows title, starting time, length and theatre information. User can select a show to get more detailed information like synopsis, play a video trailer or even buy a ticket (external link to Finnkino web page).

Available now in Windows Google Play : FiNNKiNO Elokuvat (only Finnish)

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Otto Cash Machines for Windows Phone 8.1

This application shows locations of all the Otto cash machines in Finland. User can very easily see the nearest Otto in a map and find route to it.

Application first loads locations of all the Otto cash machines and ask permission to use device location. User can select to see locations in a map or route to the nearest Otto. Application will inform when the user is within 50 meters to the cash machine.

Available in Windows Phone Marketplace : Otto

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TekstiTV – Finnish Teletext

Yle and MTV Teletext services in effective Android application - TekstiTV. You can easily swipe to different pages and subpages with your fingers. Click + button to save your favourite page to pages roll (see it below main page area). You can open your favourite pages just clicking it, you don't need to remember its page number anymore.

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Mobile solutions for casino games

Casino gambling on desktops and laptops has been around for almost two decades. But I am seeing that gambling on mobile devices is an activity that has really taken off in the last few years. I have played some casino games on the older mobile phones also. These apps were standalone games that could be played for fun. The mobile casino apps I am writing about now are completely different.

HTML 5 - compatibility across all platforms

Today almost everybody has a smartphone from Apple, Android or Windows. These high quality handsets have allowed software providers to online casinos to develop their products so that they work on mobile devices. In fact due to Apple not supporting Flash-technology on their devices while still controlling a huge chunk of the mobile device market, the casino software companies had to discover completely new solutions for conquering the mobile market. This is where HTML 5 came in. HTML 5 allows presenting browser-based rich, high interactivity multimedia content without the need for additional plugins or page refresh - a perfect solution for cross-platform gaming experience. You can read more about HTML 5 from W3Schools.

The modern mobile casinos are not single games, but entire portfolios consisting of slot machines, blackjack, roulette, poker and video poker. Most of them also allow players to transfer money to and from their mobile casino accounts using their mobile phones. The quality of the games is as good as on the computer. The graphics are sharp and the animations take place smoothly and in real time. Administering of bonuses, contacting customer support and other functions can often also be carried out by using these mobile web apps. This whole package will allow you to connect with your mobile casinos while commuting to work, waiting for an appointment or whenever you have a few minutes free.

Leading online casino game developers dominate mobile aswell

I would like to highlight certain points that you should keep in mind for mobile casino gaming. The software is the heart and soul the gambling activity. You should select a mobile casino app that is developed by a reputed software provider. Almost all leading software providers to online casinos now offer mobile gambling. I find Microgaming as one of the best. Microgaming has been a leader in online casino software and has also pioneered mobile gambling software with their Quickfire platform. It has converted many of its popular online casino slots titles for mobile gaming. A selection of these can be viewed in Quickfire Games. I recommend Football Star, particularly to soccer fans because of the FIFA World Cup. The Microgaming mobile casino also includes some very large paying progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah, which pays out in millions. The mobile poker app will allow you to play cash games and tournaments from your handsets. Blackjack and roulette also have a large player base. If you have a smartphone you can navigate by the swipe and tap mechanism offered.

Today you have a wide choice of software providers for mobile gaming apps. Another recommended name is Net Entertainment. Its mobile app is known as NetEnt Touch. Its mobile titles include Starburst, Jackhammer and the immensely popular Mega Fortune. Playtech and BetSoft are other software providers you could consider.

Ultimately you would have to choose specific mobile casinos at which to wager. Most casinos offer games from multiple software providers. LeoVegas is an excellent choice and it was also chosen as the mobile casino of 2013 by several websites, such as New players signing up for the first time can claim attractive bonuses and free spins. Another mobile casino you may want to consider is Guts, you can find a review in finnish here. This mobile casino is also fully licensed and absolutely safe for gaming. So go ahead and take the plunge. You will not regret it.

Card Trader – Windows Phone

Capture, organize and trade your cards with your friend's. Select a card, go to the trade and tap your phone near to your friend's phone. See what your friend are offering and accept a trade or not.

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Application supports card capturing, sorting and organizing (you need to buy a full version to get organize feature working). Yep - you can use this application to store your favourite cards, if you don't want to trade them.

You can test and buy the application from the Windows Phone Marketplace - Card Trader

* NFC is required
* Traded card will be deleted from you phone

Edit (Nov 18th):
* I will send this application to Nokia Create Contests and App Awards 2014
* This app will include following localisation: FI, EN, SPA, GER, IT and hopefully (SK, CZ and POL)

NFC Questions – a text based game for Windows Phone

NFC Questions application can be used like a game - the first player can save a question and answers to the NFC tag; following players can write their own questions to NFC tag if they know the right answer.

Application contains following pages: Read, Question and Write.

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Application reads and writes the NFC tag when phone is enough close to NFC tag with PublishBinaryMessage method using Windows:WriteTag.NFCQuestions as a protocol and subtype. All the pages are designed to support all the screen sizes in Windows Phone 8.

Read the whole story how the application works and get the source codes here.

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Map with directions in Windows Phone 8

Map with Directions code example demonstrates how to show route with Map Control and get direction informations with text and text to speech in Windows Phone 8. Start and destination addresses can be added with TextBlocks. Both addresses are calculated to geo coordinates and locations are showed in the Map with map layers (blue and red dots). RouteQuery class is used with these two geo locations and route path is displayed with new map layer. User can simulate route by pressing Prev or Next Point Buttons in the screen. Text instructions are showed in TextBlock and Text-to-speech is used when a new turning point is reached.

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This application is useful when you want to simulate your route beforehand.

Read the whole story, see video demo about how the application works and get the source codes here.

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Working with Live Tiles in Windows Phone 7

I wrote a small code example to Nokia Developer Wiki, which shows how to work with Live Tiles in Windows Phone 7. It shows how to create application primary and secondary tiles and how to update tiles data from Scheduled Task Agent and with Push Notification from server side with PHP.

Application Tile - Front Application Tile - Back

Read the whole story, see video demo about how the application works and get the source codes here.

How to create a Namedays application for Windows Phone 7

This Nokia Developer Wiki article explains how the Namedays application is made for the Windows Phone 7. It shows how to load XML data from the server side and bind data to UI. It also illustrates how to localize the application for different languages and how to use Scheduled Task Agent to update application.

Namedays Application Main Page Image Namedays Application Live Tile Front Namedays Application Live Tile Back

You can read the whole story and load the source codes here.

Creating an Interesting Places application – take and share media in Windows Phone 7

I wrote a new article to Nokia Developer Wiki. This code example demonstrate how to take an image, record audio or video and save these captured media files to the Isolated Storage with the location information. These Interesting Places with media files can be later viewed and shared to the server side. This code example uses PHP server as a back end of this application. All captured media files are send 500 kB chucks with RestSharp and parsed together in the server side with PHP. This application is tested with 5 min recorded video (for example), then video file size was 55 MB and sent chucks count was more than 110. Sent was tested over normal cellular network and sending takes about 8 minutes. It worked really nice in Windows Phone 7 without Background Agents.

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You can read the whole article and download source codes from here: Creating an Interesting Places application - take and share media in WP7.