Course and study materials available from Slideshare

I published a few of my course materials to some time ago. Those materials contains Web Application programming with AngularJS, Windows Phone Programming, Mobile Programming with Android and Adobe AIR Programming courses. Those slides has got almost 10K total views so far!

AngularJS material is the smallest and it contains only about 20 slides. Material is suitable to people who wants to start learning to create single page application to the web.

Adobe AIR programming contains very deep information about making an Adobe AIR based applications to the Web and Android devices. It has almost 200 pages.

Mobile Phone programming with Android set is one of the biggest course material what I have ever done. It contains almost 300 pages. Material starts contains introduction Intents, Activities and other basic concepts but includes a lot of deep information too, like how to use fragments in your applications.

Windows Phone programming course material contains about 200 slides and works same way as Android does. This Windows Phone material includes both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. New version of this Windows Phone material is planned to publish at the end of this year.

All of those course materials are free to use from

AngularJS AIR.Programming.png Android.Programming.png Windows Phone Programming

I have also created a lot of example projects and exercises to those courses (50-100 projects in each course), so something like 280 projects all together. If you are interested to get those example projects, just contact me and we can start discuss about the price.

NetRadios @ Android

NetRadios allows you to listen radio station streams around the world. This Android application has over 900 stations from the following countries: Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Swerige, Uk and Usa. New countries and radio stations can be added remotely. Just let us know if we are missing your favourite stream.

netradios screen 1 netradios screen 2 netradios screen 3

How to use: Select a country and tap the radio station icon to play a stream. Add radio station to the favourites with long press in radio station icon. Remove the favourite stations in the same way in the Favourites page.

This application is now available in Google Play - PTM: NetRadios

FiNNKiNO Movies @ Android

Finnkino movie schedules now available in Android. This application shows a movie schedules which are running in different theatres in a Finland. Theatre can be easily selected by using Android phone and tablet new drawer by swiping screen from left edge to the right. Shows for the selected days are visible in a list view which contains shows title, starting time, length and theatre information. User can select a show to get more detailed information like synopsis, play a video trailer or even buy a ticket (external link to Finnkino web page).

finnkino screen 1 finnkino screen 2 finnkino screen 3

This phone and tablet application is now available in Google Play - PTM: FiNNKiNO Elokuvat

Otto Cash Machines for Windows Phone 8.1

This application shows locations of all the Otto cash machines in Finland. User can very easily see the nearest Otto in a map and find route to it.

Application first loads locations of all the Otto cash machines and ask permission to use phone location. User can select to see locations in a map or route to the nearest Otto. Application will inform when the user is within 50 meters to the cash machine.

otto screen 1 otto screen 2 otto screen 3

Application is now available in Windows Phone Marketplace - PTM.

TekstiTV – Finnish Teletext

Yle and MTV Teletext services in effective Android application. You can easily swipe to different pages and subpages with your fingers. Click + button to save your favourite page to pages roll (see it below main page area). You can open your favourite pages just clicking it, you don't need to remember its page number anymore. Application is designed to work in Android phones and tablets.

tekstitv screen 1 tekstitv screen 2 tekstitv screen 3

Install and test this application now from Google Play - PTM : TekstiTV.